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What we do. 

Each day we have a goal to make a positive influence on the lives and health of folks in our community. That is why we gave the community nick name "Milk District" to our gym. This is for you guys! At CrossFit Milk District we think of every one as an athlete first. Whether you're old, young, big, small short or tall, just ran a triathlon, or just got off the couch. Our methods are scientifcally backed, reproducable, and results driven. Anyone can do this, but you have to be willing to be vulnerable, and coachable. We believe each one of us has in them, the ability to achieve their highest fitness potential. Fitness is looking more and more like health, like they are not seperate. The fittest people have the best tradiotal health markers. Body fat% Blood work, blood pressure etc.
     We ask all who enter to start thinking of yourself as an athlete. "I plan to move for the rest of my life, how might I improve that?" "What would an athlete do?" "How would they train?" "How would they eat or sleep?"

 CrossFit methodology has raised the bar (literally and figuratively) in the fitness community. Our coaching standards are incredibally high. and we have high expectations of our members. We believe in you, and that you can do this. We aren't going to just let you give up, or give up on you. T

The trend in the fitness industry for decades was this focus on this unrealistic physique achieved by yo yo dieting and biceps curls. If you weren't doing that then you were probably a runner, which meant you most liekly weren't strenght training enough, developed knee pain from overuse injury, but very not much real world strength.

 That said, what does our performance in a variety of activities tell us about our current fitness level? If I want to run hard and fast, can I? Can I run hard and fast and clean and deadlift my body weight 10-15 times, then do 10-15 pull ups? If the answer is no, We may be missing integral portions of our fitness training that need to be addressed. The human body thrives on high intensity, short duration work outs. Look at the sprinter and the marathoner. Respect to them both but who do you think has a broader fitness capacity? The sprinter. He or she does because of the energy pathways in which they are most working within their training. CrossFit work outs are shown to stay in all 3 energy pathways at their highest point. What does this mean? It means you obtain an extremely broad capacity to do work. You can do many forms of physical activity at a very high level and create a metabolically healthy and stronger human.

     We teach and instruct constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity to our community. Variance describes the ever changing and progressive work outs, routine IS the enemy. Functionality defined as universal motor recruitment patterns, aka core to extremity movements, aka stuff human beings are designed to do. Intensity one of the key factors to obtaining higher fitness levels, when the time is right, you need to bust your butt! Go fast. We use timed workouts performed in a group setting to encourage adherence and community. We are instructing in a way so that common movements are performed uncommonly well (virtuosity). Anyone can be taught how to safely do CrossFit. Talk to some of our 60 plus years olds! We employ a one on one approach in our coaching, we are very aware of the positive effects that this type of experience elicits. We use Olympic Weightlifting to help folks become more powerful and explosive (makes weightlifting exciting and new) , CrossFit Gymnastics to teach body control and kinesthetic awareness, and monostructural conditioning (running, jumping, rowing.. etc.) to strengthen the cardiovascular system. We combine all of these movements with the safety, education, and respect they require. There is not a better way to reach your fitness potential. If there were a better way, we would be doing it. ​ A final word. All are welcome but doing this requires a mentally strong individual. If you aren't interested in working hard you may be better off elsewhere. We understand. We work hard and expect you to do the same. We know that those who do, are extremely successful, and that is what we want. Successful, hard working, happy, and healthy individuals. We want to help you get as physically fit, and healthy as safely, and efficiently as possible. --CFMD.


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