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Cfmd fitkids program 

Our FitKids Program is designed to help children between the age groups of 6 through 12 learn to love fitness both in and out of the gym. By teaching kid’s proper form and technique in fundamental movements and exercises in a fun and safe environment, your kids learn to love fitness, maintain a good attitude, enjoy exercise, appreciate form and have fun while putting in hard work at the gym.

 Your child’s coordination, strength and overall conditioning will increase which in turn will assist them with neurological and cognitive motor skills. Exercise Science has shown that active kids get better grades and are more engaged in school. It’s time to start kids fitness off right!


  • Classes will typically incorporate a game (warm-up), followed by the skill/ strength of the day, followed by our daily workout, and ending with a cool down.

  • There will be foundational movements such as running, jumping, squats, push ups, pull ups, climbing, basic gymnastics movements for kids, and light weight lifting.

  • Ages:  6-12 years old

  • Classes will be between 30- 45 min

  • Parents are encouraged to stay during class…Cheer and Observe, not coach



  • Tue and Thurs:  4:15-5:00 pm


  • $105/month membership for your first child and $20 off for each additional child. 

  • We also have per class pricing available at $20 per class

  • You are not required to be a member at CFMD to have your kids participate!

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