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Schedule your Free no sweat intro

We start by learning more about YOU and your story. 
Your no sweat intro will revolve 100% around you and your goals. We want to know more about your past experiences and help create a plan that is unique to you.


Connect with your coach
We pride ourselves on our ability to teach and instruct fundamental movements in a safe and effective environment. our no sweat intro will help you connect with your coach. 


Reach Your goals
Make a lifestyle upgrade!
Upon completion of your no sweat intro you will have carved out the next steps of your path towards a fitter you. you choose where the journey goes from there, we're here to help guide you along the way. 

2012-2021 CrossFit Milk District - 600 Herndon Ave. Orlando, FL

CFMD Barbell Brawl WOD 1 Athletes-14
CFMD Barbell Brawl WOD 1 Athletes-184
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